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Echoes of Africa Drum Ensemble
Echoes of Africa
Drumming Ensemble - The Rhythms of Life!

Echoes of Africa's rich percussion-based performances pulse with the rhythmic energy of the folkloric drumming traditions of western and southern Africa, and of the Afro-Latin music traditions of the Americas, w
here music permeates everyday life as it has for centuries. Birth, death, work, rite, celebration, and religion are but a few of the cultural celebrations accompanied by music, song, and dance, with percussion as a central fixture of life’s experiences.

Pulsating with the rhythmic energy of life, Echoes of Africa is available for:
- Festivals
- Parties
- Conventions
- Receptions
- Corporate Functions
- Liturgical Observances
- Cultural Celebrations
- Fund Raisers
- Concerts
- and more!

Echoes of Africa Drumming Ensemble
Echoes of Africa performing at the City Market Park in downtown Kansas City, Missouri
as part of the '2017 Art In The Loop' art and live music series
CLICK ON THE PHOTO ABOVE for a video excerpt from the performance