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The fiery music and dance of Flamenco de los Barrios!

Flamenco de los Barrios
Fiery music and dance
of Andalucía, Spain

In fresh interpretations of this uniquely Spanish tradition, Flamenco de los Barrios heats up the stage with mesmerizing guitar and cajón acrobatics combined with the dazzling costumes, rhythmic clapping, and fiery footwork of the rich Flamenco music and dance of Andalucía, Spain.

Offering highly customizable programming and performance options, Flamenco de los Barrios is available for formal concert performances, parties/fiestas, corporate events, festivals, arts-education master classes and workshops, and more!

Flamenco de los Barrios at Traditional Music Society Showcase
Flamenco de los Barrios performing during a Traditional Music Society Annual Showcase
(Midtown area) Kansas City, Missouri